PSWM is the Polish Music Publishers Association set up to safeguard and present the interests of music publishers and their authors to the widest possible public, including government, media, music industry and collecting societies.

One of our main goals is also to promote and underline the value of music and to grow the awareness of the importance of copyright. PSWM provides a collective voice when it comes to advocating the protection of intellectual property rights or taking part in the regulatory processes that affect our industry.

The Association also facilitates co-operation and communication among its members being at the same time one of their main sources of all the vital information regarding laws, regulations and all the latest developments in the area of copyright.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Attached you’ll find a copy of an official letter sent to the Ministry of Culture on May, 10th. It highlights some important objections of the music publishing community against the wording of the new Statute of the Authors’ Association ZAiKS which was approved by the Extraordinary Delegates’ Convention of this organization on 6 April 2019, in fulfillment of the obligation defined in Article 138.1 of the Act on Collective Management of Copyrights and Related Rights (hereinafter “the OZZ Act”) dated 15 June 2018.

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