About us

POLISH MUSIC PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION (PSWM) is a trade association strengthening the position of authors and composers. The members of PSWM are professionals involved in acquiring, administrating, protecting and exploiting the rights in musical compositions. They act on behalf of the following music publishing companies:

Universal Music Publishing MGB
EMI Music Publishing
Kayax Production & Publishing
Paris Music
Schubert Music Publishing
Si Music
Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Universal Music Publishing
Warner/Chappell Music Publishing

A complete list of all the members and companies is available in sections Members & Affiliated Companies.

PSWM’s mission is to represent and support its members, their business and financial interests - in particular to create good and stable conditions for exploiting rights in musical works; to increase copyright protection as well as to assist or represent our members in relations with other associations, state bodies and institutions.

PSWM is a member of international association representing the interests of the music publishing community internationally ICMP/CIEM (The International Confederation of Music Publishers/ Confédération Internationale des Editeurs de Musique). PSWM also remains in a close co-operation with European publishers, which makes it easier for us to get international attention whenever needed.

Locally ZAiKS (Polish collecting society) has been our closest partner for the last few years. Thanks to Publishers’ Committee gathering both publishers and society representatives, we have been given an opportunity to start co-operation in various issues, highly important to authors’ community.